Angular Developer Roadmap -2020

Angular RoadMap

Angular has become one of the most famous frameworks for frontend development. Angular is backed by the tech giant Google who also used it in all their web application. These days demand for the angular developer is increasing and it is very necessary to have a roadmap for the newbies so that they can become the angular developer.


This is the base of web development and the first stop on your angular developer roadmap. Either you are frontend, backend, devops engineer, everyone must know the basics of the HTML and CSS.

For frontend developer, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the HTML and CSS. Once you covered the basics then move to the advanced things into the HTML/CSS.

Try to learn the frameworks like bootstrap 4, semantic UI, foundation, Materialize and other popular html/CSS frameworks.

Once you have the knowledge about these things then you can jump to the next path which is Javascript.

Learn JavaScript

After learning the HTML/CSS in deep, now it’s time for you to start learning the Javascript. Javascript is a just-in-time compiled, an object-oriented programming language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification.

After the introduction of the ES6, Javascript changed a lot and now you must have the knowledge about the latest feature of the ES6+ to become a Javascript Developer.

Codecademy course on Javascript gives you all the expertise which you need in the year 2020 for the angular developer roadmap. This course is paid but is worth to invest that amount of money to enhance your skills in the Javascript.

If you don’t like the way of Codecademy then no worries there are lots of other best online courses website available from where you can learn the frontend technologies.

Learn TypeScript

After completing the JavaScript road, now it is time for you to jump into the typescript. Typescript is an open-source programming language that is developed and maintained by another tech giant Microsoft.

There are lots of features available in the Typescript which is not present in the JavaScript like interface, statically typed language and few others which bound you to write good and clean code.

Angular uses the typescript so it is must for you to learn this language. You can learn this language from any other platform but I would recommend you this link.

Learn Version Control System ( git)

Till now you have gained some knowledge in the frontend development technologies and now can build simple projects based upon the HTML/CSS/Javascript.

And this is the time to learn the version control system or in short, you can say, git. Git is one of the most famous version control systems. It keeps the records of the changes of your files. You can learn git from the best seller course on git from Udemy.

Learn Package Managers

Package managers are a collection of software tools that automates the process of installing, uninstalling, upgrading or configuring the computer program in a consistent manner.

Every programming languages have their own package managers but you only have to concentrate either on npm or yarn. I will suggest you have learned npm and have the knowledge about the yarn as well.

Learn Angular Framework

Once you have the knowledge about all the things listed before this then you can now go with angular framework.

Angular is a typescript based open-source web application framework led by the Google Angular Team. Angular is a complete rewrite from the same team that built AngularJS.

At the time of writing this article, a stable angular version is 8. Before this, there are already 7 stable versions name angular 7, angular 6, angular 5, angular 4, angular 3, angular 2 and angular.js released.

I have already written an article on the angular 7 roadmaps which you can also follow for the angular 8 only few new features realised in the angular 8 which is listed below:

Learn grunt or any task runner

It is very important to have knowledge about the task runner. They can increase your productivity by reducing the time on repetitive task.

grunt is one of the most famous task runners which automates your repetitive task. You can automate anything with a minimum effort. You can get more idea on use of grunt by their official website.

Learn Unit Testing In Angular

Testing is very important in web development. Without the testing of your code, you might introduce the new bugs which can crash the web application.

This is already a whole new thing and requires a new article but as a developer, you must know how to do the unit testing.

By using the libraries like Jasmine, Karma, Jest you can perform the unit test on each part of your code.

It is always a good practice to write the unit test for your code and test it every time when you write new code.

Learn Other Miscellaneous Things

Apart from these things, there are lots of other tools and technologies which you need to know.

You must have knowledge about the JSON, Ajax, jQuery, HTTP. You can find these things almost every web applications or websites.

Learn how to use the terminal commands, ssh and data structures and algorithms, character encoding.

Build Projects Using Angular Framework

If you are not building any web application then there are no benefits to learn all the things listed previously.

You can start with the simple to-do app, the weather app, tic-tac-toe app and then more advanced projects like online calculator, admin template, dynamic websites, online resumes. You can find more projects here.


After having knowledge about these things you can easily build any angular application by yourself. You might be thinking that there are lots of things to learn, so many courses to join but no worries, once you have a deep understanding of these then you can go anywhere and build anything after that.

There might be a chance that you already knows most of the stuff listed here and some are new to you which you have to learn.

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