Docker Containers

Package Software into Standardized Units for Development, Shipment and Deployment…

A standard unit of software that packages up code and its dependencies is understood as a container. A container helps the application to run quickly and reliably from any particular computing environment to another. Docker container image is a light-weight , standalone and executable package of software that has everything needed to run an application: code base, run-time, system tools, system libraries and settings.

Container images become containers at run-time and on of the main advantage of using Docker containers is that in the case of Docker containers — images become containers only when they run on Docker Engine. Another major advantage is that it is available for both Linux-based applications and Windows-based applications and the containerized software will always run the same, no matter what the infrastructure is. The software gets isolated from the Containers from its environment and also make sure that it works uniformly despite differences as an example between development and staging.

Why Docker Engine?

Docker created the industry standard for containers, in order that they might beportable anywhere and can be used at any-time. Containers share the machine’s OS system kernel and thus don’trequire an OS per application, driving higher server efficiencies and reducing server and licensing costs
Applications are safer in containers and Docker provides the strongest default isolation capabilitieswithin the industry.

  1. Innovation Acceleration

Docker Engine forms the common foundation underlying the Docker Enterprise platform, It allows operators and developers to turn ideas into reality securely and quickly.

2. Freedom of Choice

Any kind of applications can be run on the docker engine counting from legacy to cloud-native, monolithic to 12-factor and the major advantage is that it works with multiple operating systems and is validated to work with Kubernetes CRI.

3. Intrinsic Security
Docker Engine gives much importance to security. Docker Engine users can run containerized applications in highly regulated environments With Docker Content Trust and validation.


There are many container systems available in the industry right now but Docker Engine stands as one of the reliable containers available in the emerging techies world

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