Getting Ready For Angular 9.0.0

Angular is one of the prominent open-source frameworks for building mobile and web applications, Developed and maintained by Google.

Angular includes all of the tools and components required to build a web app. Angular will release the newest version in every six months .

The next official release of the framework — Angular 9.0.0 was supposed to be available in 2020.

One of the biggest and upcoming updates in the pipeline right now is the release of the angular 9.

All of them are huge waiting for the massive release!!!

Throughout the years, Angular has developed into a fine development platform that includes all the components and resources needed to build a web and mobile application.

Angular 9 has some interesting features that are described below!!

1. JavaScript Bundles and Performance:

 One of the ongoing issues with previous versions of Angular is the app’s relatively large file size — When you equate Angular with other libraries like React or Vue.js, the Angular app is much larger.

Angular 9 comes with a smaller bundle so it would impact on better performance.

2. Ivy Compiler:

 Before Angular 8, the framework used View Engine as the render er,

In angular 8,Ivy is in experimental mode and with angular 9+,Ivy is the default compiler

What is Ivy? is the one of the best question raised this moment!!

 Ivy is a type compiler rewrite of the Angular render er which is the part of Angular that transforms your Angular templates into corresponding JavaScript code.

3. Benchmarking Angular 8 and the pre-release version of Angular 9:

  Providing some benchmark tests to compare performance between Angular and previous version of Angular 9

4. Selector-less Bindings and Internationalization:

 We’ll touch on a few other new features, including selector-less bindings and internationalization support. You’ll see why we’re calling this an evolutionary release rather than revolutionary.

 So we are calling this like an evolutionary release

5. Typescript 3.6 support:

 Typescript version 3.6 is required now

Angular Ivy and Faster Mobile Apps

Developers can redesign existing apps to reduce the size of the downloadable assets and enhance the mobile user experience, but these changes can be very complex and expensive one, and introduce unforeseen risks to their projects.

By reducing the size of the JavaScript bundles, Ivy becomes a welcome improvement for developers trying to speed up application startup.

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